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Daylily Photo
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Daylily Photos

   Disclaimer - Photos were taken using a Digital Camera. It should be quickly obvious to even the casual observer that, thank goodness, I do not make a living as a photographer. My photo philosophy is based on the law of averages - click enough times and a few are bound to be decent.

    Copyright Policy -  My copyright policy is fairly simple. If you find a photo that you like, I would be honored to have you use it and credit either 'Joe Kunkel' or 'akinback' (we are interchangeable!)

               Conversely, if you find a bad photo, one that is labeled incorrectly or with the wrong hybridizer, go ahead and use it, but give credit to 'Anonymous'. Actually, I would appreciate knowing about errors. Please contact me at

    Photos are organized by hybridizer or alphabetically by name.

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