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Joe Kunkel - Daylily Auctions

Daylily Seedlings

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    This page will provide information on the seedlings that I list in the Daylily Auction.

   Size - Daylily seedlings that I sell have been growing for a minimum of 4 months in a greenhouse setting. They are growing in pots that measure 4" x 4" x 5" deep. Roots are beginning to show at the base of the pot. Foliage is typically 6-8" long. The photo thumbnail shows an average plant.

                                Dcp04235.jpg (13879 bytes)

    The intent is to supply a plant that will bloom this year, although it certainly cannot be guaranteed.

    Shipping - If possible, plants will be shipped in the pot. This will minimize the time it takes to adapt to conditions in your area. If your state does not allow shipping soilless mix, they will need to be bare rooted.